Monday, November 10, 2008

I got a car!

I got a new baby girl in early October. No name for her but, it's Vios S. I feel great driving a new car (I never owned a car before).

Bad Story :( I already scratched my car! Reverse parking problem!

Embarrasing but quite a funny moment :) I did my 1st service at Puchong UniHub. After 800km of driving, from Puchong-Salak Tinggi-Kajang-KLumpur-Hometown-Sabak Bernam-KLumpur-Hometown-TgMalim (2 days), my sis-in-law found a leakage of my engine oil. Quite a lot! Just imagine how much wasted along 800km distance! She asked me to open the front cover and I replied, "How to open it, using key or just open from in front?" <-- stupid Q!

Once opened, she asked me to check the engine oil level and I replied, "Which one is the engine oil? How to check it?" <-- another stupid Q!

"You only know to drive the car...haihhh", she responded.

"Huh, the oil level is below minimum level. You should fill it." So, I put the balance of engine oil and then went ahead to Behrang 2020's Petronas station to buy an engine oil.

I could not make sure the right engine oil. I left my manual book in KL. So, I called En Elias, the sales guy. "No, you should call the hub line. Get their advices. If anything happen to the engine, the warranty is void." So, I called the hub line. I was worry yet angry with the situation. How Toyoto service center did the work? I told my self, I will be angry if the person reply "You should send your car to Puchong Service Center".

As expected, the guy responded with that statement and straightly I replied "Helloooo...I already told you that I'm at Tg. Malim Perak, my engine oil level is below minimum...I asked you, could I refill with Petronas engine oil and you said..."cannot". Then, don't you have a more relevant solution than that. How could you ask me to send my car to hundred-km-away's service center under this condition?????"

After a long conversation, he suggested to provide service to send my car to Puchong and my family home. The cost is about RM430 and Toyota will cover the RM400. Sounds good but, I said, hold on. My sis-in-law called me and said, "eh, Hafiz, the oil level is still between min and max levels. "ARE YOU SUREEEEEE??????!!!!"

She tried again and again. To get more confident, she asked a Vios' driver who just parked her car at the station, to check the oil level. "It's still above min level. If below, you will get a warning lamp at you meter panel. I have been driving Vios for 2 years and the engine is very good. You don't have to worry, you can still safely drive it to KL and send it for service."