Friday, November 20, 2009

5 weeks in Bangkok, A weekend in Pattaya

hmmm...when was my last post? looooooong time ago, right? I also didn't manage to check my friends' blog due to tight schedules for my grade promotion as well as a project in Bangkok. I really miss all Mekarians. Hopefully, there will be a reunion anytime soon.

My project in Bangkok was successfully completed for Phase 1. The next phase (GIS) would be in early January 2010. I couldn't see any project assigned to me for 2nd half of November and December. Meaning that, I'm free.... Eagerly waiting for my Europe trip this mid of December :)

However, I'm a kind of person who hate to go to office if there is no job to do...Perhaps, starting next week, I'll try to make myself do something beneficial to the team or even better... to the company.

Talking about Bangkok, it is quite a nice city to live in. Apart from its friendly folks, the cost of living there is much lower than Kuala Lumpur. And sex is an industry in Thailand. It is very easy to get and it iiiiissss very affordable.

If you plan to go to Bangkok, there are something that you should not miss; a grand temple next to Grand Palace (I forgot the name---Wat Phrao??), Floating Market, Chaktuchak Market and Jim Thomson's Thai Silk. Chaktuchak Market is claimed as the biggest market in the world...thousands of shops are there and it is a good place to find souvenir & something for home decoration which are unique and cheap. While Jim Thomson offers you the best quality of Thai Silk, even the Thais agree with that. Jim Thomson is not a Thai but, he contributed a lot in Thai silk industry after World War II. You can easily find his boutique at the airport & grand shopping complex. I went to his main shop at Silom by BTS (Sky Train) which is the only place where you can find the fabric. It is expensive though...if you want to make a standard cutting of Baju Kurung, at least you need 6-7 meters (price range around RM400 (1ply) - RM850 (2ply)). It's not like normal fabric in M'sia - 4 meters are enough for 1 baju kurung. If you want to see how the silk is extracted from boiled cocoon, you can head yourself to Jim Thomson's house/museum.

During the 2nd trip, I spent my weekend in is about 2-hour journey by bus from Bangkok. Pattaya is like Batu Ferringi to me but, it is far more happening. You can have a seat or sun bath next to the beach while enjoying very cheap seafood. There are so many women at the pathway waiting for customers...uhhh, there are not so know...girls in Bangkok are far more sweeter..haha....What I could see, the tourists...mat salleh sume looks like a 2nd-class people...I think the richer ones will go for Koh Samui, Krabi or Phuket. If you like ladyboy-dancing, come to Pattaya (I don't like it but, it was the first question from the tourist info booth). I managed to go to Koh Island (Coral Island) which only costs me RM40 including lunch and I can spend about 5 hours with a very crystal clear water.

I think that's all my post...check my fb for photos.


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Yes Pattaya is great.

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