Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My First Week in Schlumberger

My 1st week in Schlumberger as an Information Management Engineer is quite free. My manager is away for business trip. Furthermore, our new team project will start on 3rd week of July.

I received a very warm welcome from managers and other engineers. They said “I’m very happy to have you here!” and this makes my heart beating very fast. I don’t want them to have very high expectation on me at first place. I’m afraid I can’t make it but I’ll always work for it. As for me, working is a life and I love being surrounded by tasks and challenges!

This Friday night (4 July) I’ll be leaving for Abu Dhabi until 12 July for introductory week. After come back from my OFS-1, my first assignment will be a development project. It’s a very huge project and I’ll be one of the programmers. I’m nervous actually! In university, when doing a project, if we can’t do it as of A standard, we could expect for B or C. But, in business environment, no matter what happen, it should be an A and better if it is an A+ standard.

I really hope everything will be okay. Although I have 7-months working experience as an intern here, this time is totally different.


raje said...

seriously, im thrilled for u x)
a very good start!

abrak said...

aaa.. bestnye siap ade programming job lagi.. kalau aku nk mintak gak kat schlumberger gak leh? Tak sabar nk keje!!! T___T

aizat said...

hey u seems enjoying ur working life. good2. keep up da good work okay :)

abu dhabi? hehe. enjoyyyyy! aku dah landed kat doha qatar, tp 1 jam je..sbb connecting flight.
pasir je sana..busan2..haha. cari makwe arab satu. hahaha

gudluck btw :)

~ WindStruck ~ said...

haha....x excited pn nk g situt

41 degrees....ayyo..jd mahen la aku...but mahen hensem wattt!

nurulain said...

Moga beroleh redha Allah dlm perjuangan hidup~!!
All d best,k!!

illiyas said...

weitt..ape tulis2 blog ni..pg la bace pasal merak ke, peep ke..tolong leslie ke..tolong aku ke..huehehehe

[YeOp] said...

bestnya dah kerja. *jeles*

good luck bro! :D

idam adha said...
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idam adha said...

wah2..besh tol...

gudluck hafiz ngn keje ko yg mncabar tuh..

leh r bnje aku nnt..hiks