Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sharing Sw33t moments @ Indonesia

Sukarno Hatta airport is about 1-hour drive from Central Jakarta. KLIA is of course much better in term of facilities and infrastructure. Quite surprise with the Gents. Look like a public toilet at bus station in Malaysia but, it smells better. Due to bad traffic condition, we lepak at Airport's McD. The Chicken foldover, they call it here as Gourmet Wrap. Found difficulty to make the order since I couldn't catch what the guy was saying.

We stayed at Ascott Residence, Central Jakarta. Very nice serviced apartment with 2 big bedrooms, 4 toilets, kitchen and living hall. But the bad thing, I snored for the first two nite. The other guy did to. So embarrasing but what can I so tired.

Central Jakarta - the skycrappers are not as packed as Kuala Lumpur but, the shopping malls are nice. The 8-floor Grand Indonesia, opposite to Ascott is really big. You should go there at nite so that you can enjoy the fabulous decoration inside. They decorate each floor differently and you can feel like you are walking in a 5-star hotel. Other than Grand Indonesia, the close by malls are Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Jakarta City Center and Embassador Mall (RM2 DVD movies are here). Other than Jakarta Schlumberger office at Central Mulia, I visited the National Monument called MONAS and National Museum. People here love to combine two words into one. Warung Telefon (Wartel), Warung Makan (Warkan), Monumen Nasional (Monas) and Warjok (Warong Pojok/Food Center).

There are five regions in Jakarta. Central, North, South, East and West which one of them has 1 big attraction. Due to time and budget constraints, I only managed to go to North and East Jakarta. Ancol at North jakarta is a center of many kind of entertainment...They have Seaworld, Gelanggang Samudera (lion sea show etc), Atlantic (water games), theme park etc. While in Bogor, East Jakarta, they have Taman Mini (like the Miniature Park in Malacca) and it is a center for handicraft and muesums (Petroleum, Electric, Ship etc).

Bandung If you like volcanoes and shopping, Bandung is the right place. Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih are very nice places to visit. However, Kawah Putih (I think in Lembang) is quite far from the Bandung shopping district as compared to Tangkuban Perahu. But, both give you very distinct sceneries. You should go there! Just have to get ready with the strong smell of sulfur. The shopping? Ermm... I think girls will love it. As for me, not may that I can buy there. I just enjoyed myself watching how crazy my friends and other people do shopping.


rsyazwani said...

why did i read this post cm tergantung je. ahah

dah abes taip ke belom neh?

botolbiru said...

agreed with raje.
what happened to the rest of the adventure?

~ WindStruck ~ said...

hahaha...sbb...i drafted the 1st paragraph in December and continued writing it in March, i forgot most of the things i did there....hekhek

Durruz said...

walaweh schedule ko....

aku jelessSSSssss!!!!

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