Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I quit!!

This is quite a funny story.

I had a meeting for one small project around 6pm last Tuesday. Then we had a short break. It is a regulation to lock the laptop and also lock the laptop screen whenever you are away from the computer.

What I did? I forgot to Ctl+Alt+Dlt my laptop. When I back to the meeting room, everyone was laughing at me and my manager is sitting in front of my laptop. What happened?

He replied, "I already sent an email to my mailbox saying that you want to quit!"

I no longer want to be part of sis team. I quit!!

That's what will happen if somebody can access your laptop.

This morning I got another email:

Keep working as you have been doing until now...If not, see the email below. I will use against you...jajaja

jajaja ::: Mexican word for hahaha. My manager is a Mexican.


abrak said...

LOL. Too bad la apis. Wish you good luck.

rsyazwani said...

hahaha it's not a word, more like how they spell it,

J is pronounce as H, in spanish :)

bt yea it's funny !

Durruz said...

huhu. dasat.

pasneh xle tggl pc aku terbiar..

nurul ain said...



nurul ain said...

oh..just notice that u mispelled mekar :P

~ WindStruck ~ said...

erk...I mispelled mekar? where?

~ WindStruck ~ said...

Oh ya...I confused...Merak was my previous sub-segment on Petroleum Economics...hahaha

luffy said...

Haha...lucky u.......I got to dance in front of the class to get back my laptop.

I did lock the laptop but not at secure point. They can remove it and hide my laptop