Saturday, May 24, 2008

Will we have this moment again?

"Keep the memories in a bottle so that you can open it every time you miss any of 'em"

I've no plan to further study ~ not in my mind to own a master or doctorate title.
But, if it is required in order to get better position and much2 higher salary then, I'll do it... isk3
That's the reason I try the best for my degree :-)

I'm sure I'll miss the study time - study alone as well as in group. I don't think I'll have this sweet moment again:

>> We all study except the last one ~

>> And that "last one" buddy bribed our study time with cards - We took the bribe :-)

Guys, although you are not in a formal edu inst, keep digging for knowledge...

~Success without Boundaries~


abrak said...

Keje apis keje. Pas abes bulan 6 ni takde skoler dah. Sengkek.

[YeOp] said...

"~Success without Boundaries~"

cewah.. mmg semangat giler nak join schlumberger mamat ni. hahaha! good for u then. all the best in ur future undertakings~